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Hand-Sequined Show Choir Dresses

Show choir dresses with hand-sequining give the best movement, sparkle and dazzle under stage lights. Most of SQ's hand-sequined show choir outfits use round 20mm, round 30mm, or rectangular paillettes. The sequins and beads are knotted tightly, ensuring garment longevity. In fact, many show choirs re-use our dresses for years. All dresses are lined and stretch about 1 to 2 inches to help with fit. Choose your colors from our wide selection, and also customize the top and skirt-area styles. Custom sizing and plus sizing is no problem either--and measuring is a breeze. We only require 5 measurements for most dress styles. Allow 10 to 12 weeks minimum for delivery and give us a call when you're ready to place your order. You'll notice that all our show choir dresses are discounted too!


Show Choir Short Handmade Paillette Metallic Turquoise Sequin Dress with Chinese Neckline

$199.00 $134.00

นักพนันทำสั้น 30 มม. Paillette แขวนชุดเสื้อโลหะสีเขียวขุ่นกับเสื้อจีน ทำเวลา: ขั้นต่ำ 4 ถึง 6 สัปดาห์ ซับใน: ใช่ ยาว: ใช่ (1 ถึง 2 นิ้วทั่วร่างกาย)  พื้นที่: PET sequins บน 95% ฐานสแปนเด็กซ์ 5%   

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