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For over two decades SQ SequinDresses has been privileged to make sequin dresses for a vibrant, diverse community of shimmering, sparkling, glittering (and often hilarious) customers. Here's a small selection of our community's testimonials, reviews and feedback:



OMG!! My dress arrived…it is perfect!!! Thank you!! It totally exceeds my expectations!! I loved it so much and so happy with the service you provided, I order another gown!! Have a great day. Thank you!!! Dean L.

Hello, I just got the Dresses from you Today. I thank you very very much. The dresses are PERFECT. Fabulous work from you, I'm very happy. Great dresses, perfect size and you're very friendly. Thanks again a lot. I m sure I will buy from you again ! ;) have a great day and all the best wishes from Luxembourg to you. Gilles H.

My order arrived today and everything is fabulous. Many thanks. David D.

I've received the dress, it's absolutely beautiful- thank you so much! Dunja L.

All arrived safely and look great. Pat R.

Thank YOU SQ!!!! We received the dresses and we Simply love them. Thank you for your services!!! Bobbie C.

The shipment arrived and everything is perfect. Thank you Darren (Customer service) & team. John E.

Thank you very much. The gowns are lovely. M.Goodwin.

Arrived today, thank you very much. Very happy with items. David K.

Hallo Darren, The dress arrives me today. It's wonderful. Thank you so much. I am very happy and it will not be the last dress that i have ordered at your store. Thank you again. Kind Regards, Gerd B.

Received the garment today. I am absolutely thrilled! Thank you. Tyler E.

Thank you. I received the shipment.  Very beautiful and it makes me happy every time I wear it. Beverly O.

Good evening, thank you and to inform you that I received my parcel with both dresses. They are much more magnificent than on your photos, I am really very satisfied with the fact and thank you for it. Olivier B.

Dress came in last night, it's AMAZING!  Thank you guys for another fantastic, well-priced outfit. John J.

Thank you the dress is a perfect fit and very beautiful.  Thank you so much for everything. Rachael T.

I have received the dress and am in absolute love with it! Thank you so much! Aubree P.

I received the dress today and I LOVE it! I'll definitely be ordering more from SQ in the future. Fantastic dress, great customer service. Pookie P.

I received my package today...thanks so much, the dresses are lovely!! Larry E.

Hello, I received my dress today and I have to let you know that I am delighted with it. Thank you for your prompt attention to my order and swift dispatch. My dress fits like a dream, I absolutely love it. Redoxide

My dress was perfect and BEAUTIFUL!! My wedding was fantastic, thank you guys soooooo much for the speedy delivery - can't wait to buy my next dress :-> Take care, Gloria V.

I just got the dress and it is GORGEOUS!  Thank you so much for working with my requests. Again, thanks for all your help and such a beautiful product.  I look forward to my future purchases. Keith K.

All I can say is you have yet one more fan, and a dedicated customer for life! James F.

Got so many compliments on the dress!! Thank you and to your staff. Lindsey H.

I got my dress in the mail yesterday and was so excited!  It fits perfectly and thanks for the extra fabric.  I will sew it on to the neck piece.  Nice job.  I will be ordering again.  Thanks for your good service and fun product. Christy L.

I received both dresses I ordered and WOW they look FANTASTIC!  Marylee A.

Just to let you know I have received my dresses - PERFECT as always. Chris B.

Thanks. I received the package and it is gorgeous! Sarah T.

We got the costumes in yesterday morning, they are fabulous and everyone LOVES them! Thank you so much! Sheila S.

Wanted to let you know that I received the silver sequin dress today. It is beautiful and fits well. The silver hologram sequins are very stunning. I will enjoy wearing it very much. David B.

Got it this evening and it is fabulous! What fun!! It arrived in perfect condition! I will tell everyone what a great website you have and your great customer service! Tony R.

I received my dress and is amazingly beautiful!!! Thank you so much and talk to you guys soon for another shipping from SQ. Carlos D.

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the silver sequin dress, it is for my granddaughter who is singing in a show tonight. The dress fits like a glove and she has gone out on stage looking absolutely beautiful. Thank you once again and i will certainly be using SQ again in the future. Margaret P.

I received my dress and gloves! Magnificent it is really very professional and fast to deal with you! I am delighted. Sebastien E.

Hey received today, everything fits beautifully and the colour is perfect! Thanks! You guys are awesome! Thomas B.

My dress came in and is fabulous! Thank you for your quick service. I definitely will order more dresses in the near future. Pieters A.

These are pictures of Kai in her beautiful SQ dress giving an award winning performance. The gorgeous dress helped her feel special and confident. Can't wait to order another dress! Camron J.

The dress is fabulous! Pictures don't do it justice! Thanks for great service. Jackie K.

So I actually just got the package today. Everything is perfect. Thank you so much. I'll have a stunning dress for Coronation. Tyler W.

I received my 8-in-1 dress and it is amazing. Thanks again for quality product and fast service. McRae K.

Thank you. I received it yesterday... it is beautiful, as are the other TWO dresses I received a few days ago. I am very happy with your garments and I will continue to purchase from you in the future! Mike S.

Many thanks for the email, they have now arrived and we are very happy.. Many thanks for you following up, show was a little unexpected so wanted to make sure they got here in time. You will have future orders from us! Lance D.

I received my dress yesterday. It's absolutely beautiful!!! I'll be wearing it for my wedding on Sept 23rd. Jennifer N.

The dress has landed and it is indeed BEAUTIFUL, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. Elizabeth C.

The dresses arrived (at my house) last night. They look fantastic. Won’t get to try them on the girls until tomorrow, but I’m confident everything will be great. Thanks again for your fantastic turnaround time. David L.

My dresses arrived this morning they are fabulous so excited about wearing them at my Show Band gig on the 27th June. Naomi P.

I received my package and it fits perfectly. You all are awesome. Thank you! Diana H.

My Dress arrived this afternoon. I was so excited!! I went upstairs to try it on asap, and WOW! It's FABULOUS!!! I look Fantastic in it. Caroline M.

Got the dress and it is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much! Iris J.

The dress arrived today, Friday. It fit perfectly and the singer is delighted. I will send pictures. Marianne C.

I received the package today...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! The items are GREAT. I am very pleased and will surely be a repeat customer! Please let your workers know I think they are very talented and I appreciate their hard work!!! Chip B.

The dress has already arrived, and it is absolutely fabulous. Jarle F.

My gown arrived yesterday with plenty of time for dress's absolutely perfect! Ed P.

The "fabulous dress" arrived today, and it fits me perfectly! I'm delighted! Thank you very much. Samantha B.

I got my coat and gown today and everything looks wonderful. Very impressed with the brightness and quality. Trista R.

Dresses have now arrived all correct. I am a very happy girl!!. Jan C.

I have my dress, it is beautiful and a perfect fit! Thank you! Kathy H.

Received the coat yesterday and everything is perfect. Andre N.

Just to let you know my order arrived safely last Friday and I am very pleased with the dress, it fits perfectly! Anders A.

Oh my GOD! Love the dress, I can't wait to bring it to the stage! Andres S.

My order arrived this morning. I'm very pleased with all three items...up to the usual high standards of manufacture provided by SQ. Jon G.

I received the dress today! It is in Tip Top condition! I looks and fits like a glove!! I cant thank you enough! Nathan B.

I was very surprised to receive my suit today. Normally I get an email saying that its on its way with a tracking #. But the bell rang today and POOF!!! HELLO CUTE UPS MAN... Kayla D.

Thank you very much. I received the order last Wed., and the gown is absolutely beautiful!!! Eric E.B.

Everything arrived on Thursday and is perfect. In fact, the dress showed up earlier than planned. I'm very pleased. Thanks again!!! TJ Pitts.

My gorgeous boas arrived today. They are lovely and so much nicer than my feather boas. They are perfect and I’ll probably order more in other colors. BTW, the $ dress was a smash hit at the Auction. People were trying to buy it from me! I promised to auction it off next year! Thank you for the great work. I love you guys! Sarah B.

I received the boxes and I thank you very much. Everything is great and I really like them. Delroy R.

The dresses made it safe a wow wow wow this Friday will be the big reveal of them can not wait there is a big show of 200++ can not wait. Thank you I will need to go shopping soon at your website lol love love your team thank you again. Joe T.

I received my parcel and the dress fits perfectly! Thank you so much for your help in this and I'm very much looking forward to my birthday party and being the most elegant one there! Freya.

I just wanted y'all to know that i really LOVE the beautiful dress!!! It is fantastic. I can't wait to wear it. It's very me. Barbara D.

I received my daughters dress on Monday 15th March-my daughter is thrilled with her dress-she loves it!!! I would like to thank you for all your help and advice when ordering. I will definitely be ordering more dresses in the future!!! Many thanks again. Lisa B.

I received my dress yesterday! It is in perfect condition and I absolutely love it! I want to buy all my gowns and dresses from SQ. Elizabeth D.

I just received the solid beaded turquoise jacket, with the rhinestone encrusted collar. The first words that came to mind was OH MY GOD. Its just fabulous. Ladonna M.

Hello, this is Vanessa from Louisville...I just received my garments today, and couldn't be happier! I'm so thrilled with how they turned out, thank you so much! I can't wait to wear both garments on stage. Thanks again. Vanessa D.

I received my shipment, it's really flashy, just the way I love it. Later I'll have to order a sequin dress to wear with it. Kenneth M.

I received the dress this afternoon- and I am THRILLED with it!!! I can't wait to order another one, and I will give SQ my whole-hearted recommendation to everybody that sees my little daughter in this dress in a couple of weeks. I am SO happy, and what is more important is, my daughter feels like a princess ! Thank you. Julie B.

The dress arrived yesterday. It looks beautiful! My daughter is thrilled! Thank you! Laura G.

Received shipment, all i can say is WOW!!!!!!! cant wait to wear them at the pageant. Thank you all so much for the prompt delivery, and the extra dress was a wonderful piece as well. Larry P.

I just wanted to let you know i got the dresses and they are exactly what i had hoped for. I am involved in this event every year and will gladly recommend you in the future to others looking for costume ideas. Russell S.

Everything has arrived, and all items definitely exceed my expectations! Thank you and I look forward to doing business with your company again in the near future! Sonny L.

Just wanted to let you know that the dress arrived. I’ve been away for work the last couple of weeks, but finally had a chance to appreciate it’s beautiful craftsmanship. It’s very special, and is exactly what I had hoped for. Will send you pictures from the benefit performance in a few weeks. You’ve got another BIG fan (And I mean that in every way possible!). Jim Y.

Just Want to tell you that the Gown arrived today... Safe and sound. its wonderful, in fact... I'm delighted. I'll be ordering from you again. Thank you for the service. Robert D.

The dresses have arrived and look AMAZING! I am so happy with them all! Thank you for the quick production and communication. The kids will excited to try them on and wear them! Brianna D.

The dress has arrived today! What excellent service. I adore the gown and think you have offered the best service possible. Exceptional value for money and first class service. I will order from you again without question. Gareth R.

Received my package last week, a lot faster than I expected. Super, fantastic service I will certainly think about buying from you again. Alan R.

I received the dress today and I couldn't be happier! It is gorgeous, the quality is great, the customizations are perfect! Thanks again for rushing my order and for the extraordinary SERVICE! Ginny M.

Frock arrived at 3.30 yesterday afternoon I LOVE IT!! love it love it love it! I didn't wanna take it off to come to work today, and if I weren't a local government officer I wouldn't have! Thanks you so very much its fab! I will be purchasing more in future. Tracie H.

Hi, received yesterday many thanks the dress is beautiful thank you again. Claire N.

It arrived this A.M. in perfect condition....thanks for the quick shipment. Scott N.

The dress arrived safe and sound....and, I might add... FANTASTIC!!! Therese P.

The dress arrived today. It looks just GREAT. And if fits perfectly. I had to wait until my roommate came home to put it on cause I cant get into by myself. But when it was zipped up it is amazing how nice it fits. Thank you for all your help and making this happen in such a short period of time. I will send pics after the party. Sincere Thanks Thom T.

Thank you so much! The dress just arrived and it beyond anything I could have expected. It is for my daughter for her Bat Mitzvah party in January. She only wanted a blue sequin fitted tank dress. We have ordered at least 5 and had to return them all. She is very tall for her age and very slim. All of the dresses were too short or too wide. This dress fits her like a glove and the quality is superb. I have seen dresses for 4 times the price that could not compare. I thank you and my daughter thanks you. You have made our day and I will gladly recommend you to everyone who asks where her beautiful dress came from. Colleen Z.

Thank you so very much for everything. The dress is fabulous! It fits perfect and definitely will make a statement. Once again, sequin queen has made a dress beyond my expectations :) I just love this dress - only problem is finding the right wrap to wear and not detract from the beauty of the dress. Jenny G.

My dresses arrived just in time for the party! They are fabulous, and so were we... Thank you very much! It won't be long before we order again... A happy customer. Serge P.

My dress has arrived in good time, can't wait to WOW the work mates. If I get enough alcohol down me I might even send you a picture! Thanks again, and thanks for keeping in touch to let me know how you were getting on with the making of it. Beth B.

Just wanted to say thank you for yet another spectacular dress!!!! It is stunning and has certainly turned heads!!!!! David L.

We received the parcel yesterday. The dresses are so beautiful, we like them so much and thanks a lot for sewing the dresses in time. We will keep that in mind and contact you for a next order in future. Christopher B.

Many thanks, the shipment arrived safely on Monday and well in time for our show tonight. The dress is spectacular very glitzy and well made. Many thanks for all your efforts. Richard B.

I got the dress! It looks great. Thanks for all of your help! Linda S.

The dress got here the other day. Its beautiful and fits great! THANKS for all your work at SQ. Richard S.

Just a note to let you know the shipment has arrived and the items are all good and are beautiful. Louise T.

My dress arrived!!! It is beautiful!! I was sure it would be! but have to say that it exceeded all my expectations. The sequin and beading work is lovely. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and makes me certain I will certainly buy your dresses in the future and tell my friends about your wonderful garments and service. Gerry R.

You asked me to let you know how everything is arrived. Well, I am still amazed about how fast the dress got to me. This evening i came home from work and my dress was delivered! Fabulous fast. And what a great surprise on a regular Monday after work! Truly stunning dress better and nicer than I had in mind. Nice fit and beautiful sequined, everything so nicely done. Nice to experience the quality in everything you do. From the website with loads of choices and possibilities to the payment options the ordering process and the communication to the fast delivery. From all the internet orders I did this year (a lot) your website is outstanding good (and lands on number 1 of my best web shops ever list of all time for sure!) A standing ovation for you and your co workers. Jurr C.

I received it…it's beautiful! Spencer P.

Have received and I'm greatly pleased yet again with your work look forward to dealing with you again. David J.

Good morning! We received both of our dresses yesterday and they're absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Everything fit perfectly! Thanks again, for yet another wonderful order!!!!!! We're looking forward to next year's order already! :) Jen F.