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Hand-Sequined Show Choir Dresses

Show choir dresses with hand-sequining give the best movement, sparkle and dazzle under stage lights. Most of SQ's hand-sequined show choir outfits use round 20mm, round 30mm, or rectangular paillettes. The sequins and beads are knotted tightly, ensuring garment longevity. In fact, many show choirs re-use our dresses for years. All dresses are lined and stretch about 1 to 2 inches to help with fit. Choose your colors from our wide selection, and also customize the top and skirt-area styles. Custom sizing and plus sizing is no problem either--and measuring is a breeze. We only require 5 measurements for most dress styles. Allow 10 to 12 weeks minimum for delivery and give us a call when you're ready to place your order. You'll notice that all our show choir dresses are discounted too!


Show Choir Short Handmade Paillette Hanging Metallic Gold Sleeveless Sequin Dress

$199.00 $134.00

นักพนันทำสั้น 30 มม. Paillette แขวนเสื้อกำมะหยี่โลหะทองแขนกุดคอ V ทำเวลา: ขั้นต่ำ 4 ถึง 6 สัปดาห์ ซับใน: ใช่ ยาว: ใช่ (1 ถึง 2 นิ้วทั่วร่างกาย)  พื้นที่: PET sequins บน 95% ฐานสแปนเด็กซ์ 5% การดูแล: น้ำเย็นที่รายละเอียดอ่อนหรือซักมือ:...

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